Timeline of Firsts

First Commrcial Shoot
First Motorsport Event
First Construction/Architectural Shoot

A Brief History

The concept of SilvaSpot.com began in 1999  after the owner of a Las Vegas advertising agency reviewed my ad-hoc portfolio.  Shortly thereafter, I was contracted to shoot for the advertising agency.

That was a long tiNFL Experienceme ago when slide film was my go-to choice.  Now in the digital age, we have expanded our operations, we continuously update our equipment, strive for the best post-processing, and have embraced the imaging world.

Today, I freelance for both large and small clients and venues.  As small as an single head-shot session to as large as covering a nationally televised automotive racing event.  As a photographer, I also provide support to other photographers -- be it as a second shooter, editor, or simply a grip or runner.  That's how I watched Superbowl 42 from the sidelines!

I strive to produce high quality, timely, and marketable images for my clients and sponsors.  Quality, professionalism, and dedication are hallmarks of my freelance service.  All of which you can expect--any time and every time.